Blogathon 2003

’tis the month for the Blogathon, people. On July 26, bloggers will be at it for 24 hours straight. When it’s all over, they will have collected wads o’ cash for a myriad of charities. I was a clueless newbie last year, so I missed it. This year I’ll be a clueless newbie at Gnomedex. But that won’t stop me from becoming a sponsor, and you ought to, too.

Here are the bloggers and charities to which I’ve donated some piddly amount, so you can get an idea of who is blogging for whom:

***Dave Does the BlogComic Book Legal Defense Fund
A Small VictoryMagen David Adom (also getting support from Amish Tech Support and
Anything But OrdinaryALS Association
Blissfully BitterGlobal Fund for Women
The Passionate AilurophilePawSafe Animal Rescue
PhotojunkieAIDS Committee of Toronto
Rant-O-RamaDenver Dumb Friends League
Bottled VoicesVirginia Beach SPCA
OxymoronicPrecious Pugs Rescue and Adoption

Blogathon 2003

[Grooving to: Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble]
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9 Responses to Blogathon 2003

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you for your help, and your donation! 😀

  2. BeerMary says:

    Thank you so much for your donation! I so appreciate it!

    And don’t say your amount is “piddly”. Most of my donors can only give $5 to $10, but it’s adding up! We’re almost halfway to our goal!

    God bless ya honey!

  3. BitterKat says:

    Thank you for your donation. I only hope I can last for the duration. Can I remain bitter for 24 hours?

    I’ve got a fancy plan (and pants to match).

  4. Faith says:

    Thank you, m’dear! 🙂

  5. suzie says:

    ok, ok. you’ve inspired me already.

    hope you’re happy, buddy.

  6. Christine says:

    Thank you SO much for the pledge, and the plug! Very much appreciated! 🙂

  7. WE ARE HUGH says:

    Blogathon 2003

    Solonor’s Ink Well: “When it’s all over, they will have collected wads
    o’ cash for a myriad of charities.”

  8. Brian Peace says:

    Thanks for the pledge. w00t! I was getting worried that I was all alone out here.

  9. DiVERSiONZ says:

    Sunday Reading

    I really got nuthin’ today (and this is different from other days how, you are probably asking), so here are

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