Boo! I’m Invisible!

Without cool toys, my life is a meaningless void. With them, at least it’s a fun meaningless void.

I dare not reveal my source for the following software toy, as I am sure that the James Bond-like rush it gives me has to be immoral, if not illegal. But, picture if you will, having the ability to surf the web from inside Excel or Word or even Notepad. Suddenly, when you think a party-of-the-first-part sees your lazy party-of-the-second-part butt lusting after a new iPod on the Web, you just move your mouse off the window and voila! No more browser.

Then, once the danger has passed, you wave your magic wand and presto! Your monthly budget analysis morphs back into the catalog.

All of this magic can be found at

Knock twice.
Wait for the phrase, “Oscar the Grouch has gone to bed.”
Reply, “Yes, have some cheese.”
And tell ’em Louie sent ya.

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3 Responses to Boo! I’m Invisible!

  1. dave says:

    Ghostzilla rules. I’ve been using it for quite a while now. It blends rather nicely into Outlook also. I love the way you can disable images and have the webpages’ colors blend right in with the application you’re hiding it in, so someone could be looking right at your monitor and not realize you were surfing.

  2. -e- says:

    This public-service announcement has been brought to you by….

    Solonor: Saving more Generation-X goof-offs from losing their jobs since 2003″

  3. Man, that program is pure evil… and my boss has DSL at work. (Fortunately I am alone at the office most of the time. Not that I goof off. Oh no.)

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