Britney Spears

Kamel inspired me to turn from the dark side of politics and general left-right snarkiness to the serious business of luring poor suckers searching for pictures of Britney Spears, Britney Spears lyrics, Britney Spears video clips, Britney Spears fansite, or Britney Spears breasts to my site. (Of course, I have no doubt that once a Britney Spears fan is here she’ll love to stay and read all this crap.)

Don’t blame me! I saw it at Floating Monkeys first! And if one blogger jumps off a bridge, I suppose I have to…though he is 20 years younger than me, he’s one of my Blog Parents, ya know.

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4 Responses to Britney Spears

  1. Kamel says:


    lets misguide all the Britney Spears fans! woo hoo!

    and lets get some of them American Idol fans in here while we are at it 😉

    all we gotta do is blog about the TV show American Idol


  2. Shameless posting

    Well, since Solonor is doing it, I suppose I’ll have to put in all sorts of things here about how

  3. says:

    britney spears

    I just love Britney……

  4. says:

    britney spears

    I just love Britney……

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