Busy, Busy, Busy

She’s only had a blog for a month or two, yet she’s already prone to do things like strip in public just so she’ll have blog fodder.

Welcome to the club, Elizabeth. When you get your horn fixed, I’ll teach you the special honk.

This entry is not designed to make sense unless you visit Solonor’s Aortal Site of the Week: Busy Mom Blog.

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3 Responses to Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. Busy_mom64 says:

    Wow! I’m speechless! Thank you for the honor, really.

  2. Kate says:

    Elizabeth is awesome – I love reading her blog!

  3. I’m here!

    Fun day today, Busy Boy’s first grade picnic. The weather was great, I’m about to hurl potato chips and chocolate chip cookies, another successful party! Busy Boy and his friends dug huge moats and filled them with water at the…

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