But could he hit Fistslammer’s fastball?

Wanna know why I’m sticking to Tolkien Baseball and staying away from that joke they call the real thing? Try this on for size. The Player’s Union killing a trade because the player is willing to take a pay cut to play where he wants! Never mind that this is about Alex Rodriguez coming to Boston–which, by the way, I have mixed feelings about, because it means losing both Manny (good riddance!) and Nomar (what? not Nomah!!?)…

[ via Foul Yankee Breath ]

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5 Responses to But could he hit Fistslammer’s fastball?

  1. David Pinto says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Kat says:

    I prefer Blurnsball on Futurama myself.

  3. Linkmeister says:

    I was equally outraged until I saw the rule onscreen on ESPN during SportsCenter. Then it made a little sense, especially as Orza (counsel for MLBPA) explained it.

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Donald Fehr and Gene Orza.
    Every year, baseball gets worse and worse, primarily due to these two men.
    We all know what Shakespear said about lawyers…

  5. Christine says:

    This kind of crap makes me love minor league ball all the more.

    If the Sox get rid of Nomaaaaahhhh, I swear on my cats’ lives that I will NEVER set foot in Fenway Park EVER again.

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