“C” is for COOKIE!

Well, it’s that time of year, folks. We’ve sent our daughter off to tempt the Lenten masses with dollops of sugary goodness. For the next few weeks, we will see her naught, as she spends (I am not making this up) 12-18 hour days on the weekends selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Her troop has always bought extra cases of cookies to peddle out in front of the grocery store or Office Max or Outback Steak House. They make almost (if not more) money doing it that way than from the door-to-door pre-orders. But they will set up their booths in 3 or 4 different spots each day, for 3 or 4 hours at a time, on Saturdays and Sundays and usually 2 or 3 nights during the week, from now until the end of the month. The only time I will see her between now and then is brief glimpses as she heads off to school or if I choose to drive her to the booth sites. (And let me tell you… an overtired teenage girl is not someone to engage in conversation with at any rate.)

It’s all worth it, though, because Peanut Butter Patties were sent from God… um, except for if you’re trying to be all fasting and penitent for Lent. Then, the return address is much further south…

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6 Responses to “C” is for COOKIE!

  1. kat says:

    mmmm, thin mints. 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    We are on our way out to do our 2 hours of Cookie selling at the store too. If I don’t get going and walk away from the blogs.. I’ll be a sight to be seen.

  3. brandelion says:

    i don’t know what this family would do without Girl Scout cookies. we buy several boxes and keep them in the freezer. 🙂 (especially the thin mints–boy those are good cold!)

    best of luck Pepperkat

  4. Busy Mom says:

    See you down south!

  5. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Samoa’s, Samoa’s, Samoa’s….. Yay!

    While I have boys, they have friends who are Girl Scouts, and they sure know they can hit me for a big order.
    One of the girls mom is a good friend, and conveniently the troop leader. So she makes sure that I’m in on the arrival times, and any extras they have.

    And of course, the local troop peddles them here in the plaza where I work, so I can get more than my fill.

    Only the non-fat versions, of course.

  6. Linkmeister says:

    The Girl Scouts aren’t running into the problem the Salvation Army has during Christmas season, huh? Where the malls won’t let them solicit for fear of liability or because the malls are too hoity-toity?

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