CBS is one sorry network

CBS responded to our complaints and apologized for the Grammy Awards.

Oh, ok, I know it wasn’t because of us. It was because certain people didn’t think Outkast’s performance of “Hey Ya!” presented them in a favorable light. Because, you know, it’s really hard to get over a damning stereotype like a bevy of multiracial go-go girls in Emerald City garb dancing to a marching band. I know it really warped my sense of their culture. I’ll never look at another exhibit of Native American art without thinking, “Boy, dem Injuns shore can dance!”


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4 Responses to CBS is one sorry network

  1. kat says:

    That’s what I thought but didn’t want to say anything. People need to lighten up. It was a dance. No big deal.

  2. Jenni says:

    I love the song. I saw the tape of the performance. Big whoop. This reminds me of the fits thrown by some of my fellow paisanas and paisans regarding Italians and “The Sopranos.” The show’s terrific. I love Mafia stuff. I’m Italian. I’m not offended. Sheesh, people.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I say sue’em. Sue’em all. Sue everybody. Somone must be offedend by everything, so sue’em.

    CBS can bite me. The American public, at least those that think that every last little bit of material ever shown to the public has to be un-offensive and sterile, they can bite me.

    THAT is why I love basic cable. At least on cable I can have The Man Show, and The John Henson Project, and Howard Stern, and the people watching it KNOW that it might offend someone, but it’s all in good fun, and not intended to hurt anyone, and that we’re supposed to be able to differentiate, and be adults.

    Again, CBS can bite me. Big time.

  4. Lambchop says:

    *sigh* I am so sick of politically correct bullshit. Fine – boob during the superbowl – Tacky and tastless and completely inappropriate for the venue – If you want to do it at the MTV Awards, bear whatever body parts you like. But Outkast’s performance? Pu-LEASE!

    You know, society has just got to get a grip and relax. As a Jew, should I complain to, ask for an apology from, and sue the TV networks who show Christian evangelist shows on Sunday morning TV?

    Sometimes I really wonder what the **** these people are thinking. Sounds like the same sort of grandstanding that Justin and Janet were accused of, just from a different tactic. Everyone’s offended by everything – look at the boycotts and accusations of anti-semitism towards Mel Gibson new movie about Jesus (Hello people – it’s a MOVIE!)

    I actually shudder to think of what we’ll be like as a culture in 10 years.

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