Charley is a big meanie… and getting bigger…

This is a test of the emergency blogging system. If this were an actual emergency, this message would be followed by screams of panic, high wind noises, rain, thunder and lightning and death..Kat

The latest projection from the National Hurricane Center could bring Hurricane Charley closer to Orlando.

OK, OK, so I went out and got like water and peanut butter and stuff. Happy now?

Still, Kat and Robyn, et al. (Hi, Al!!) aren’t heading for the hills, so I’m not worried.

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9 Responses to Charley is a big meanie… and getting bigger…

  1. kat says:

    Yes I’m happy now. Looks like it’s gonna hit Sanibel so we will still get hit but not as hard. But then it could move NW again and I’m gonna get killed!! *panic*

    Just kidding. 😀

  2. Solonor says:

    Crap! About 5 minutes after I posted that we went from calm and overcast to a nasty thunderstorm with heavy downpour and high winds…

  3. Busy Mom says:

    *paces back and forth*

  4. kat says:

    Hang in there. I kind of wish it would just hurry the hell up. All the buildup is driving me batty.

  5. Solonor says:

    Same here. Just blow past and get it the hell over!

  6. Linkmeister says:

    Stay safe, y’all. The anticipation is nearly as bad as the fact, at least in my experience (yes, we get the things out here too).

  7. robyn says:

    So far on our end, we’ve had thunderstorms in OK that could kick Charley’s arse to SC and back. Of course, I’m feeling quite smug on the northern edge — watching the people that urged us this morning to “be safe and go inland” about to get pounded. Is that wrong? ;-p

    If something gets in your way…turn! Be careful over there!

  8. My cat is all excited. I brought the plants into the house and it’s been a regular funfest of “No! Stop chewing on that!” all day. So I have taken revenge. Along with the sterno and the candles and the cheap fi-dollah radio (that takes AA batteries because there are no D batteries left in the contintental US) a bought a bag of new cat litter. Different cat litter. Natural wheat cat litter, not the clayey sand she prefers. Bwah!

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