Christopher Reeve dead

Whoa. A couple of shockers this morning. Christopher Reeve and Ken Caminiti died yesterday.

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4 Responses to Christopher Reeve dead

  1. michele says:

    Weird – I was more taken aback by Caminiti’s death than Reeve’s.

  2. geeky says:

    i was completely shocked to hear chris reeve died. he was out making speeches just last week. terrible loss.

  3. Don says:

    Caminiti paid the big price for getting the Padres to the World Serious.

    And Superman died of bedsores???

    What does that leave for the rest of us?

  4. Brian Peace says:

    I was up at some ungodly hour, say 4:30 AM, when I got the news of Christopher Reeves’s death. I went to bed on that note. Too sad.

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