Church, Carpentry and Mayhem

Ah, what a lovely Sunday. The weather was beautiful–much cooler than of late. I woke to find that the Mrs. had already made coffee, so I settled in to watch highlights of Pedro whooping the Twins, followed by a couple of episodes of Ground Force. Alan Titchmarsh appears to be one of the nicest people in the world…and that Charlie Dimmock (yowsa!).

Church was uneventful (the way I like it). I didn’t screw up in choir, and the pastor’s message was uplifting. No heavy meetings afterwards, so all-in-all an excellent Sunday morning.

We came home to put together Pepperkat’s new dresser. It’s only a $100 Target special, but we looked at Rooms To Go and decided that cheap is good. [ Side rant: The R2G room packages aren’t too bad, actually, but individual pieces are way too expensive. On top of that, after spending that kind of money, I would expect free delivery or to pay a nominal fee. But no! They charge $90 to deliver. ]

Anyway, the whole family got into the act. Pepperkat sorted all the little pieces and read the instructions. Mrs. R supervised, glued and thwacked things with a rubber mallet. Whiny the Elder played with the cordless screwdriver. And I shooed cats off stuff. We finished making five drawers when it was nearly MOHAA time–and we hadn’t eaten lunch.

I had a craving for tuna, so Whiny and I went to Subway, trying to be back in time for our 2:00 start (sheesh, it sounds like football season, doesn’t it?). Of course, they were out of tuna. We made it back a little late, but ready to kick some Nazi and/or Allied arse. So, while the female half of the clan went to see Mr. Deeds, the menfolk hitched up our PC’s for a little dubya dubya two action.

In one corner, wearing the swastika and black of a defeated empire, the aptly named “Team A”: Solonor, Whiny and Smeagol.

In the other, wearing the mud-covered khakis of “The Greatest Generation,” the obviously named “Team B”: Sgt. Grump, Cableman, Sgt. Butthead and Ejen (who was supposed to be on our team but didn’t get the memo).

We squared off on 16 different user-created maps (14, if you count the two that were hosed) and had a rollicking good time. I think our Axis team won more than the Allies, but I wasn’t paying that much attention. Just let me warn you, though, never let me hide in the bushes with a sniper rifle (bwahahaha)…and never let me “cover you” on any other map (sorry, Whiny)…

After several hours of delicious damage, we retired. Whiny and I finished Pepperkat’s dresser, and soon we will be able to get all her crap back in her room (or out on the street). Yes, it was a good Sunday.

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