Come out, come out, wherever you are…

This is the week where all you little readers who never comment come crawling out of your hidey holes to step up to the blog microphone and say, “boo!”.

According to Paper Napkin, this is International Blog De-Lurking Week.

(Actually, I added the “international” ‘cuz this is big and the “blog” ‘cuz it’s meant for blogs, but if you wanna go ahead and expose yourselves, metaphorically speaking, in other venues, then go for it!)

Remember, if you don’t comment, you’re letting the terrorists win.

[ via that other bastard named Les ]

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16 Responses to Come out, come out, wherever you are…

  1. Les says:

    I comment infrequently enough here that I could be considered a lurker to at least some extent so I’m de-semi-lurking.

  2. Susan says:

    I’ve commented before – but I like commenting here. :)Hi Solonor!

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Oh dear, you must need to hear from me…..


  4. Becky says:

    Well … I’ve decided to come out of hiding. So here I be posting … 🙂

  5. jayne d'Arcy says:

    I sure as heck don’t want to let the tourists win. Gahd fo-bid!!

  6. Jill says:

    *A shadowy figure steps out of the metaphorical woodwork* Ok, I’ve been lurking, now I’m not. Great site.

  7. amber says:

    Happy De-Lurking Week!!!

  8. suzie says:

    i’m a semi-lurker. a slurker, if you will. howdy!

  9. suzie says:

    i’m a semi-lurker. a slurker, if you will. howdy!

  10. Annastazia says:

    If it weren’t for you, I would never have known that I was a Neutral Good Elf Mage Ranger. You’ve changed my life. Thank you.

    Oh.. and hello!

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