Contented Sigh

What is it about Iris DeMent’s voice that hits me right in the gut? She makes me weak in the knees.

Life is beautiful when your random MP3’s come up with Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line”, Neil Young “The Needle and the Damage Done”, Iris DeMent “Mama’s Opry”, Stevie Ray Vaughan “Pride and Joy”, and The Beatles “All My Lovin'” right in a row.

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2 Responses to Contented Sigh

  1. Buzz says:

    Went and saw Iris a couple of years back down at Penn’s Landing in Philly. Cute. As. A. Button. She was great. Her guitar string actually broke during a song and she won everybody’s hearts over the next couple of minutes while someone fixed it. I love ‘Hotter Than Mojave in My Heart”!

    And “The Needle and the Damage Done”? Only one of the greatest songs EVER! I’ve been such a Neil Young fan ever since high school!

    Well, since this is your blog and not mine, I should probably stop commenting soon, eh?

    I mean, really. What kind of blogger would I be if I just rambled on and on and on and on over in someone else’s comments?

    As if I owned the joint. I mean……..

    sorry. I’ll stop now.

  2. deb says:

    *admiring your taste in music*

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