Crap! Now We Can’t Tell If He’s Dead!

I’m not very fond of smokers or smoking. My dad smoked from the age of 16, and everything about him and our house reeked of cigarettes. But, puh-leeze: Politically-correct American poster companies airbrush Beatles Abbey Road cigarette???

I am the walrus, ya know… I buried Paul… turn me on, deadman… number nine… number nine…

[ via Dragonleg ]

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4 Responses to Crap! Now We Can’t Tell If He’s Dead!

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Cranberry Sauce!

    Those responsible for this travesty should be sacked! Then killed, the blasphemers!

  2. dragonleg says:

    And hello to you, dear sir.
    May i say it’s always an honor to be mentioned by the great Solonor.
    And THEN, to have my comment posted below the wonderful Ric The Schmuck…
    That’s it…I’m in heaven!

  3. Solonor says:

    Um, no, you’re in Florida…Heaven’s waiting room.

  4. dragonleg says:

    **dragonleg slowly, slowly, slowly rises from his chair at the Shattered Buddha nursing home and shakes his walker at Solonor. Then he sits down again to resume dreaming of his forthcoming evening meal of pureed peas. Heaven, he’s in heaven**

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