Cuff Him! He’s Got A Book!

Grump: First knives.
Grump: Then box cutters.
Grump: Now almanacs.
Grump: – FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs – Dec. 29, 2003
Solonor: Oh. My. God.
Grump: Watches are next; terrorists can use them to coordinate their attacks!
Grump: *GASP* You’re right! Terrorists would have plane tickets!

And they wonder why we don’t take these alerts seriously…

Then there’s the story of the miracle fish. I’m still trying to figure out how to take over a plane with a goldfish.

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  1. Farmers Beware

    I agree with Solonor today when he said

  2. Lance says:

    Thanks for the story link and update. I had to include it on my site as well. Couldn’t let it go.

  3. Old Farmer’s Terrorists

    How ludicrous is it becoming? A day late and a dollar short on my part, but still, I’m shaking my

  4. Noded says:

    Thanks Solly!

    I want to thank Solonor for added 30 yards to my golf swing today. Blood pressure 280 and rising… As I do each day I head over to his site to get a dose of what is good for me….

  5. I picked up on this at J.R’s who grabbed it from Solonor and this is the tale of the fish that threatened national security….

  6. Kim says:

    Wow. While utterly boggled at the idea that a fish might be a threat to national security, I can’t say I’m really surprised.

    Back in September, Scott and I were given a choice by the TSA power trippers: either we take off our shoes to go through the checkpoint, or we don’t get on the plane. Sounds at least semi-reasonable until you know that we were wearing *sandals*. There’s no way anything could have been hidden in these shoes, because they were wide open with feet obviously filling all the spaces. But they had metal buckles, which apparently is enough to warrant being made to walk barefoot through the nasty checkpoint area floor, without even a roll of that doctor’s office paper to keep you from picking up a fungus from every other person they do this to. Oh, and then they mocked us for being disgusted by the idea.

    Those TSA people are on some serious power trips.

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