Curse Schmurse

Feh. Birthday schmirthday. Just because some people would rather believe in ghosts than in the ability of their team’s players, it doesn’t mean that there’s a curse. In fact, I know of several counter-curses to the Mick’s birthday kharma.

For example:

Today in 1803, the Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase Treaty by a vote of 24-7. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge… that means “red sox” in French. The baton rouge are going to win 24-7!! (Either that, or they’re going to be playing these games 24-7 until eternity, I can’t say for sure.)

Today in 1973, Richard Nixon fired Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox and the guy that refused to do his dirty work for him. It was the Saturday Night Massacre. Watch for Sox right fielder, Trot Nixon, to have a HUGE night!

And today in radio history just about clinches the whole thing. On this day, the electrical vaccuum radio tube was introduced by the guy that invented radio (you know the place where sane people who aren’t forced to listen to Tim McCarver get their baseball?)! And Arlene “Let’s Play Two” Francis was born… in Boston!

Mickey Mantle’s birthday is supposed to overcome all of this??? These Yankee fans are insane!

Yes, yes, I know it means “red stick.” It was… um… a metaphor. Yeah, that’s the ticket! A metaphor. Stick. Baseball bat. It’s all good.

Be seeing you soon, Tracy, dear. I think I’d like a private room when I check in tomorrow. OK?

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5 Responses to Curse Schmurse

  1. Tracy says:

    There are no private rooms in psych, unless you have a communicable disease or you like to smear feces on your roommates when they’re sleeping. Judging from your latest posts, I’d say you might be in the running for one (at least until you get you submit your laundry bill).

  2. Tracy says:

    Pardon my grammatical cluster there at the end. THIS SERIES IS DRIVING ME FUCKING INSANE!

  3. babs says:

    Rouge. Red. It’s all good.

    I wonder si j’ai un pair de bas rouge a l’entour! Must go search. will take pictures if I do.

  4. Tracy says:

    HOLY FUCK! A 2-run homer and a grand slam. I can’t stand it!

  5. suzie says:

    i’m going to puke.


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