Curses Foiled Again!

A friend of Harry Caray’s, Grant DePorter, outbid all others in order to own the ball that fan/goat Steve Bartman used to snatch victory from the Chicago Cubs in the NL Championships. DePorter paid $113,824.16 (I think it was the 16-cents that put him over the top). Now comes word that the restaurateur plans to destroy the ball on February 26 during a tribute to Caray.

As seen in the above article, there are a few cool things about the e-mails he’s been getting on the subject. For one thing, Cubs fans aren’t the gang of thugs predicted. They aren’t out for Bartman’s blood. They understand that just about any fan would have done the same thing (not to mention the absurdity of thinking that this one play ruined everything, absolving the team from all blame in their own downfall).

The other cool thing about the e-mails are the great suggestions for just how the ball should be destroyed. Even if it’s not responsible for another Cubs disappointment, the fans can use its destruction for catharsis. Besides, it’s fun to blow stuff up.

I, myself, see a great opportunity for Red Sox fans to rid themselves of their own ghosts. If filling a ball with dynamite and having Sammy Sosa send it over Lake Michigan can remove a curse, why can’t Boston do the same thing with what’s been vexing them? Why can’t we chop Yankee Stadium into little pieces? Or stage a production of “No, No, Nanette” and machine gun the actors mid-song? Perhaps digging up Babe Ruth, filling his corpse with dynamite and launching it out over Boston Harbor would do the trick?

Think on it for a bit, people. You’ve only got a couple of months until the pitchers and catchers report. We need to have curses foiled (and stuff blowed up real good) by February!

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2 Responses to Curses Foiled Again!

  1. SgtGrump says:

    This will be blasphemy to Red Sox fans, but… paint the Green Monster a different color.

  2. Scott says:

    How about machinegunning the cast of Damn Yankees; that’s a bit more relevant, dontcha think? 🙂

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