Dave Barry is sooo 2002…

Thanks to a little arm-twisting from a Stupid Evil Bastard, the power-that-be at Wizbang! (hi, Kevin!) have added your humble half-elf and his pickled paramour to the list of nominees as “Best Humor Blog” in their 2003 Weblog Awards.

As per usual, if I win, it will be the greatest honor ever bestowed upon mortal man. If I lose, the awards will be a meaningless attempt at link-whoring by a wannabe blog hack (hi, Kevin!).

Ooh! Speaking of which, I almost forgot to do my Referrer Madness for November. I’ll have to work on that tonight. Thanks, Kevin (and, especially, Les).

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3 Responses to Dave Barry is sooo 2002…

  1. Les says:

    No problem, buddy. I figure with the chuckles I get out of your site every day it’s gotta have at least a chance of winning.

    And at least you know that someone out here finds you funny and not just funny looking, right?

  2. GeekMan says:

    I still think he’s funny looking. What, with that freakishly large eyeball that always seems to drift to the left when he’s talking to you, not to mention the way he always sprays spit when he gets excited about something he’s talking about.

    And let’s not bring up his infatuation with hamsters and cardboard tubing…

  3. Solonor says:

    Yes, please. Let’s just forget that entire evening. OK?

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