Dear blog…

Hello blog. I’m not ignoring you. Heavens no! You are the means by which I deliver my hypnotic chants to the universe. However, I am spending this week — this glorious, wondermous, fabulousitous vacation week — cranking out more annoying crap. So, um, bye.

p.s. That last one was purty good, weren’t it? Thanks, blog. You rawk!

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3 Responses to Dear blog…

  1. jadedju says:

    Yes it was purty dang good. You little rock star, you…

  2. bran says:

    i’m sorry, i have to comment. it’s OT.

    oh my maud, michele DOESN’T LIKE THE BEATLES????
    how could this have happened to such a nice…er, to such a girl?

    (sorry to be so comment-slow Solly)

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