Debauchery Lessons

Tonight’s the night we join forces with The Mighty Geek. We still don’t have a plan, but will that stop us? Pshaw (as the kiddies say).

I’m sure it will be entertaining no matter where we wind up. Just as I’m sure we’ll make it sound more exciting than it actually was.

Our sick little girl, Pepperkat, won’t be able to come with us. But we expect to be joined by the lovely (yet bitter) Kat. That is if she ever fricking tells me where to pick her up!!

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2 Responses to Debauchery Lessons

  1. jadedju says:

    Would you guys bring a tape recorder and just get the whole thing down? I’d pay for a transcript.

  2. BitterKat says:

    Wha? You didn’t rush home and blog about the bad assed event? Ah well, neither did I. I’m waiting for the photos to be devel…. oh.

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