December Referrer Madness

I was poring over my stats pages with a magnifying glass today (yeah, like you don’t), and I thought of something that might be cool. Each month, I’d like to thank the people that send visitors to this Groovy place. By that, I mean actual blog link lovin’, not search engines or people clicking on my inane comments in other people’s space just to see what the hell kind of drugs I was taking.

So, here are the Top 20 Sites From Which Nice People Came To Look At The Monkey In The Window in December (drum roll ’em if ya got ’em):

1. PromoGuy – My Monday Mission Master (I promise to actually do one again soon).
2. Dandelion Wine – My favorite adopted college student (because I don’t have to pay the bills).
3. Inside Gretchen’s Head – The best damned agent in the biz (where’s my next gig, babe?).
4. Dania’s Dailies – Did I mention I love Canadians?
5. Techfluid – Going through a bit of an identity crisis right now…
6. Ain’t Too Proud to Blog – Home of the Princess of the Blogiverse™.
7. Ho Ho Holy Shit – Merry Frickin’ Christmas, indeed.
8. Random Ravings – I don’t visit Mr. Peace enough. That must change.
8. Florida Blog – Mark Lane knows where all the bones are buried…
9. Shattered Buddha – My ol’ cookie-bakin’, beer swillin’ bud Dragonleg is the first place I go when I’m bored out of my gourd.
10. The Gamer’s Nook – Life, Politics and Gaming… yup, he’s got those all covered better than anyone else.
11. Hoopty Loops – Oh that Hoopty…
12. Spleenville – Somehow, after meeting us in November, she just didn’t have the heart to be all mean and nasty and stuff (yeah, that’s it). So, now she’s at Too Much To Dream and is much more tolerable (I’m so dead).
13. My Single Mom Life 2 – This is the EVIL Kat’s site. Through most of December, it was her normal site, so that’s why all the hits (not that there’s anything wrong with getting hits from Evil Kat). Her new “normal” site is HERE. Mrs. Rasreth and I adopted her a while back. She hasn’t been much of a problem child… yet…
14. BlogatelleQOTWFI, ’nuff said.
15. Pizza Dreams – I’ve been trying to adopt Statia as my kid sister, so I’ll have someone to punch in the shoulder and stuff and junk… she ain’t buyin’ it…
16. Gnome-Girl – My favorite West Coast livin’, skateboardin’ baybeeee…
17. feral living – Home of my favorite insect!
18. Big Pink Cookie – The Pink Chick seems to be getting me into trouble lately… hmmm…
19. Brian Kane Online – Citizen Kane has that kinda cool exterior that makes you go… hmmm… is he from the Government? Keep an eye on him, just in case.
20. Send Statia’s Boobies to Florida for Thanksgiving – I can’t believe I’m still getting so many hits from… er, wait, yes I can.

Please, note that this is not just another kiss-ass way for me to get on the front pages of more blogs. Yeah right. I sincerely believe that these people have put me in prime locations out of the goodness of their hearts. And me whining at them for months. They simply have readers with great taste and wit, who like to explore beyond the tiny confines of their usual blog reads. And couldn’t resist finding out what the hell type of tractor part a Solonor was. I thank them all.

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16 Responses to December Referrer Madness

  1. gnome-girl says:

    well you’re my east coast hoopty through and through *mwah*

  2. Bill says:

    I still get a *lot* of hits from the boobie blog.

  3. -e- says:

    Damn… I didn’t register a blip on the…

    Oh wait! I only met and linked to you a week or so ago! One Solonor linky-love-fest coming up!!!!!

  4. Maria says:

    yep…. what E said…. hehehehe


    Have a great weekend!!

  5. theresa says:

    If you want to pay my college bills, I’m sure my dad won’t object!

    PS. Have you seen the “Lord of the Rhymes” I linked on my site? I think you would find it very amusing 🙂

  6. Solonor says:

    Yes, I saw it. What a hoot.
    No, I won’t pay your bills. Sorry Real Dad. 🙂
    But I will keep rolling my eyes and saying things like “young lady…” just to give him a break every now and then.

  7. dragonleg says:

    Ok, ok, so i’m sitting here drinking a beer, eating some cookies, and thinking what a hell of guy i think ya are.
    Peace to you, Solonor.

  8. robyn says:

    I’m thinking we need a mid-season Boobie-thon just to make our counters smile again…yeah, that’s it. 😉

  9. munin says:

    I am going to have to find a way to promote your blog better *warm smile*

  10. -e- says:

    Yeas… I second the motion for another Boobie-thon! Just for the hell of it. *EvilGrin*

  11. Scott says:

    Dang, I made the top 10? How’d I do that? 🙂

  12. Soooo…. someone thinks I’m nice now… Bwahaahaahahahaha! The Plan is working!

  13. Brian says:

    Thanks for the plug. There’s a sawbuck in the mail with your name on it.

  14. Solonor says:

    How did you know my real name was Alexander Hamilton?

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    Last night I half-joked to Todd that it seems like the whole web is on the rag right now. But I’m not so sure it’s a “joke”. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m not sure if it’s a combo of post-holiday let-down, stress and money-woes — impending war lo…

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