Don’t be dissin’ the moose and bunny!

We’ve been groovin’ to VH1’s I Love the 70’s tonight. It’s really cool how they make a decade I purport to hate into something kinda cool. Of course, a good chunk of the show is dedicated to making fun of everything from Charlie’s Angels and Starsky and Hutch to Donnie and Marie and Stretch Armstrong. But like those stupid lists they do (that I loathe), they had to put something in that made me grumble. In the show on 1976, for some inexplicable reason, they included Captain Kangaroo… and then proceeded to have their series of lahooooosers (sorry, Rob Zombie) trash him. What was wrong with Captain Kangaroo?? Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Grandfather Clock? Hmph! Oh well, back to making fun of BJ and the Bear…

[Grooving to: My Love by Wings]
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11 Responses to Don’t be dissin’ the moose and bunny!

  1. etherian says:

    Oh man… that’s WRONG. I grew up with Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Moose and all. Someone dump some ping-pong balls on them NOW!

  2. Scott says:

    The Captain was Da Man, until they changed him toward the end.

  3. Busy_mom64 says:

    Don’t be dissin’ the Captain, Rob Zombie.

    He was an important part of many people’s childhoods and he was an innovator. I have a couple of books about him and the history of the show. I did meet him a few years ago, he was actually a cranky old guy, but I got my picture taken with him, don’t know where it is right now, though.

  4. suzie says:

    well, you must admit. he was no mr. rogers.

  5. Sunidesus says:

    Oh I remember him! Capt. Kangaroo rocked!

  6. JustAGirl says:

    We’ve been watching that too. It’s kinda funny that there is so much that my kids…especially the 14 year old…don’t know about the 70s. Makes me feel old!!

    And Cap’n Kangaroo DID rock.

  7. theresa says:

    I remember Captain Kangaroo! Suddenly I feel old…

  8. Solonor says:

    Oh. Yeah. Right. Miss “I never heard of any of those songs…” ;p

  9. Hey Lisa says:

    I loved Captain Kangaroo. I got a kick out of the Pet Rock segment.

  10. jadedju says:

    I believe that I’m the only lesbian in the entire universe that had a crush on Mr. Green Jeans.

  11. Mold with self doubt, whirlpool scenes, leave the screws alone, rummaging for donuts, and don’t diss the moose and bunny!

    “Next, we’re leaving a light on in the hallway. Apparently this fills the mold with great self doubt. “Am I in the right house? It was dark in here last time. Crap, I’m going next door.”” –Unxmaal, as performed by Eric “And yes, the whirlpool scenes w…

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