E. Gary Gygax! I’m going to Des Moines!

The reality of it struck me. It’s not just some far off wish or really-neat-thing-to-do-but-I’ll-never-really-do-it. I am actually getting on a plane and traveling to Iowa to meet and party with cool people attend a tech conference. I am actually going to see real people who have only existed virtually for me over the past year. As it stands right now, I will actually come face-to-face with Lisa, Brad, Cheyenne, Laura and Dania…not to mention, of course, Gretchen and Chris! Eeeeeep!

It’s not like I haven’t met bloggers before. For crying out loud, in my very first such experience I met such blogging superstars as Robyn, Todd, Jason, Statia, Yvonne, Stacy and Andrea! And that was followed by a wicked cool meeting with The Mighty Geek. But, with the exception of G, I didn’t really get a chance to spend much time with them…much less three days of high geekery!

Yes, in fact, I am a little nervous. I know it sounds silly, but I’m not really that outgoing in person (or at least I never used to be). I asked the Mrs, “What if I don’t meet expectations? I’m not as wise-assed and goofy in person as I am in the blog.” She replied, “Yes you are.” (Thanks…I think…)

Actually, my biggest fear is that it really is a tech conference and I’ll get caught up in conversations that will go way over my head. Yes, I’m an MCSE (stop laughing, it’s still worth something…I think…). Yes, I work for a software company. But sometimes I have to put sticky notes on the coffee maker to remember which button turns it on! Or maybe that’s just old age… Anyway, enough silliness! This is going to be a blast.

Safe travels to everyone going! See you in Des Moines!

[Grooving to: Beat On The Brat by Ramones]
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18 Responses to E. Gary Gygax! I’m going to Des Moines!

  1. Lisa-grrl says:

    Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow, Solly!

  2. Solonor says:

    Tomorrow??? Eeep!

  3. Dania says:

    It’s okay, i’m shy…no really I am, stop laughing!

  4. Dania says:

    PS..apparently all you guys are going to be at Ohana by the time I get in, which is a good thing, since the less fortunate have to drive 10 hours so i’ll be lookin’ like ass. I can check in, and have a shower before everyone gets back =P

  5. jr says:

    Fear not. Whilst being a code wizard for the last twenty years, I’ve never been able to figure out how to configure voice mail. Look forward to meeting you.

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Yeah, but I bet you can turn the coffee maker up to 11….

  7. robyn says:

    I’m super-jealous of y’all! Have double-fun for meeeeee, ok? 🙂

  8. Erica says:

    Look forward to meeting you!

    And I’d have to make a personal objective judgement on whether the MCSE is worth a damn, but I know that having a job at a software company *is* worth a damn. I think that makes you, actually, a statistical anomaly. I thought software companies no longer existed. 😉

    Seeya tomorrow. Going to Ohana’s?

  9. Solonor says:

    Well, I think we still exist…at least for now… 🙂

    I am going to Ohana. See you there!

  10. GeekMan says:

    Dammit. Now I really, REALLY wish I was going!

    Have crazy fun, guys.

  11. Melissa says:

    Geez Louise. You sound like me.

    Just relax. It’ll all go fine. If you make a mistake the world won’t end. And if it does… we know who to blame… Pepperkat. 😉

    Have fun! Give Ms. Lisa a hug for me. 🙂

  12. Red Menace says:

    Knowing Solonor as I do, I have to totally support the Mrs’ “Yes you are” statement. Have a great time already!

  13. gnome-girl says:

    I’ll be the redhead 😛

  14. Rachel says:

    This sounds fun! I wish we lived within driving range. My husband would love something like this… He is trying to get back into the technology field and I don’t think he realizes how much it’s changed in the last 2 years. :/

    I’d go just to find someone to help me revamp my blog LOL.

  15. Sunidesus says:


    Hi!!! It was wonderful hanging out with you. I’m already looking forward to next year! (I should really stop reading blogs and pack my junk and check out of my hotel sometime soon…)

  16. Alteredboy says:

    A little late but I hope you have/had lots o’ fun.

  17. Shannon says:

    Hey you! Glad I got to meet yah!

  18. Scott says:

    Welcome home, Solly!

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