Faster Than The World

Michele (formerly of “A Small Victory”) and the Turtle (formerly a teen heartthrob on the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope”) announced that Faster Than The World, their co-blog, has been re-imagined by the Disney Corporation in a slick, new magazine format aimed at the massive “biker chick pastry chef” market. I think they said that most of their articles will be based on re-workings of Shakespeare sonnets and Black Flag lyrics. Or something. Somehow, that’s supposed to keep 20 writers busy on topics ranging “from sports to sex, from punk rock to video games, from fast cars to horror movies…including a weekly comic strip.”

Anyway, whether you are a biker chick, a pastry chef, or simply enjoy pie, you should check it out.

Please, do not interpret the fact that I am listed as “site engineer” to mean that I will entertain your whiny complaints about how sucky it looks in IE. Switch to Firefox like a rational human being with braaaaaaaainssssssss. (Sorry, there’s a little zombie in everyone associated with that site.)

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2 Responses to Faster Than The World

  1. michele says:

    Best site description EVER.

  2. wendy says:

    it looks awesome. great job!

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