Feed My Sheep

Having just heard a wonderful sermon this morning on the core duty of a Christian being Jesus’ exhortation to take care of each other (“To love one another, as I have loved you.”), I found it doubly shocking to watch as a self-described group of “Christians” disrupted a recent performance of Mike Daisey.

If you’re truly that upset with an artist, then getting up and walking out is acceptable. Assaulting his work is not. Running away like frightened rabbits instead of sticking around to talk to the artist like a caring, adult, Christian shows you are none of the above.

We recently had a discussion in our Sunday school group about how hard it is sometimes to profess your Christianity when there are so many poor examples running around for non-Christians to point at and say, “See what Christians are like?” Here’s another bunch.

WARNING: The following video contains words that may offend you. If this happens, please, refrain from pouring water on your computer without proper grounding. Thank you.

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EDIT: It turns out that these people were not, necessarily Christian so much as hyper-sensitive idiots. I am sorry for making this an “I’m a better Christian than you” rant.

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8 Responses to Feed My Sheep

  1. the bran says:

    wow – this is astounding. i remember growing up in a very xtian environment being taught to walk out on media and materials that were offensive or that “did not uphold the spirit of the Lord” – but also being taught to find out about a movie, play, or whatever before going to see it. this comedian has a good point: find out what you’re going to see before you go sit in the audience. what those people did to this poor artist is unforgivably rude. i can understand feeling offended by something, maybe quietly slipping out if it gets to be too much – but pouring water on the guy’s notes? man.

  2. Satan says:

    people are dumb. Was you accept this, it makes life a bit easier 🙂

  3. bran says:

    this also reminds me of when i worked in a record store in southern Utah. members of a xtian religious group would organize themselves and come in once a week, march the group directly to the very back, poorly lit corner of the store so they could look up at the very top shelf where we had painstakingly turned every movie to face the wall so as to not reveal even the tiniest racy bit of flesh, and then they would all march right back to the registers – tell the cashiers that they were deeply offended by the pornography in the back, and slap little letters of protest down on the counter for us to give to our manager. we live in America, we have the right to protest if we so choose – but when does it become harrassment, and at what point does it restrict the civil liberties of others? i remember my manager’s response to their protests at the record store: he doggedly continued to stock soft porn, for the sake of exerting his right to sell it. i remember one time after they had marched in, he said to me “Don’t these people have anything better to do?” i guess not.

  4. Thud says:

    Isn’t that special? They have the nerve to behave like this, then complain about how it’s the wacko “secular” left that doesn’t have any respect for people?

  5. shelley ju says:

    I’m so glad you picked up this story, Solly. I’m always interested in what a legitimate Christian thinks, as opposed to whatever opinions these poor examples of humanity were allegedly expressing.

  6. Karan says:

    Egad. I want to know exactly what is an “anti-monologue terrorist” all about?

  7. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Judge not lest ye be judged…

    (insert your own favorite saying that never seems to be followed here)

    The hypocrisy of those who know what is “right” never ceases to amaze me.

  8. Sassy says:

    Yeah, even if they were there as a different type of group, the person who poured water on his notes identified himself as Christian. I don’t necessarily think you were all that far off the mark in that case.

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