Florida’s Finest

Whenever I hear anything from Wexler and Feeney, I have to re-assess my decision to move to this state. The last time I saw this many clowns listed in one place was when we went to the Ringling Brothers circus.

Let’s see who the roll call for the Congressional Caucus on Intellectual Property Promotion and Piracy Prevention includes, shan’t we?

Robert Wexler: who thinks that allowing record companies to disable your PC at their discretion is just peachy.

Adam Smith (*cough*Microsoftstooge*cough*): who thinks that open source and Linux is a threat to America’s innovation and securty.

Tom Feeney: who makes my skin crawl for various and sundry reasons best left to a different rant.

To top it off, our good buddies Hilary Rosen of the RIAA (the same people who just recently brought you IM spam) and Rich Taylor of the MPAA (the ones behind the sweeping anti-piracy legislation that may wind up outlawing firewalls) think it’s just wonderful that their Congressional cronies have a hoedown to “discuss” the issue… as long as it turns out that big media gets their money’s worth out of it.

Hopefully, I’m just jumping to conclusions, as usual.

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3 Responses to Florida’s Finest

  1. -e- says:

    Eeeew… sounds like the legion of party poopers!
    Linux and OpenSource at threat to national security??? Maybe a threat to Micro$oft.

    Remember: Buy Win XP or the terrorists win!™

  2. Scott says:

    A veritable Legion of Doom, eh?

  3. Sunidesus says:

    I keep hoping that the RIAA & MPAA & Congress will come to their collective senses. Yeah, I know, don’t hold my breath.

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