Say you’re a member of the Illuminati, and you want to read the latest message from your contact in the Freemasons, but you left your codebook on the nightstand of that cheap hotel in Tijuana, and you can’t go back because of some stupid prison term they’re threatening you with if you ever set foot in Mexico again. What do you do?

The Internet to the rescue again, amigo!

Just copy and paste the message into the Cryptographever, and faster than you can say “the plan is ready we can go” (which is what it said when I translated my rock CD list), you’ve got your message.

I went ahead and ran Natalie’s latest post through the thing to see if it would make more sense, and got “dog is blue”. So, as I suspected, it doesn’t. Or it does. I mean, they do watch a lot of Nickelodeon over there… hmmm…

[ via ramblings of an anonymous coward ]

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3 Responses to Fnord!

  1. Lambchop says:

    They don’t call it’s Blue’s CLUES for nothing! I’m detecting a pattern… *g*

  2. picklejuice says:

    I keep getting shit like, “I need guns” and “bomb the bridge” and crap like that.

    I’m thinking I might be a subliminal threat to national security.

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