Football: Week 17

The record stands at 153-87, for those keeping score at home.

Cincinnati at Philadelphia
Cleveland at Houston
Detroit at Tennessee
Green Bay at Chicago
Miami at Baltimore
Minnesota at Washington
New Orleans at Carolina
N.Y. Jets at St. Louis
Pittsburgh at Buffalo
San Francisco at New England
Atlanta at Seattle
Tampa Bay at Arizona
Indianapolis at Denver
Jacksonville at Oakland
Kansas City at San Diego
Dallas at N.Y. Giants

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One Response to Football: Week 17

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Lame duck week. That’s why Philadelphia and Pittsburg are going to lose, especially Pittsburg, who is playing an opponent that is
    A) HOT, and B) needs to win to get into the playoffs.

    Pitt and Philly are set for home field the whole way, and won’t want to risk injuring their startes by playing them too much.

    What have I been telling you about Minnesota in December? They will be playing outdoors, and they will lose, missing the playoffs yet again.

    And KC is gonna go into San Diego and beat the Chargers? Admittedly, the Chargers are set for the playoffs, too, but KC?

    As for the rest, feh. The playoffs start soon, baybee!

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