Football: Week 3

Well now! After two weeks of this crap, I’m in first place in the standings at 24-8. Not too shabby for a football hater, eh?

Can I continue in this dance with the NFL pick devil? Or will it be the week I meet my (say it! say it!) moosey fate…?

Week 3 picks:

Arizona at Atlanta
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Chicago at Minnesota
Cleveland at N.Y. Giants
Houston at Kansas City
Jacksonville at Tennessee
New Orleans at St. Louis
Philadelphia at Detroit
Pittsburgh at Miami
San Diego at Denver
Green Bay at Indianapolis
San Francisco at Seattle
Tampa Bay at Oakland
Dallas at Washington

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3 Responses to Football: Week 3

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Once again, I agree with most of your picks.

    My disagreements – St.Louis over New Orleans
    Miami over Pittsburg
    and I’m on the fence about Dallas/Washington.

    Still, I think your first place standing is in good shape.

  2. peat says:

    24-8 aint too shabby at all. Maybe you should just give up baseball entirely (I mean, the Red Sox aren’t going to make it enjoyable for you anytime soon, ya know). If you concentrate entirely on football instad you could probably be like 32-0!

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