Football: Week 5

Well, last week weren’t so good for the football-hatin’ football picker (7-7). It was, however, a veddy, veddy good week for the baseball fan (GO SOX!!)

Hey, I’m still 39-19. So, this week, I am bucking the odds and picking quite a few underdogs, including Cleveland, Detroit, New York (Giants), Arizona and Tampa. Will this be my first losing week? Yeah, probably. Whatever.

Oh, did I mention this? 2-0, baybee! GO SOX!!

Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Detroit at Atlanta
Miami at New England
Minnesota at Houston
N.Y. Giants at Dallas
Oakland at Indianapolis
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets
Jacksonville at San Diego
Arizona at San Francisco
Carolina at Denver
St. Louis at Seattle
Baltimore at Washington
Tennessee at Green Bay

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5 Responses to Football: Week 5

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t feel so bad, I went 7-7 too, and I love football. I’m almost ashamed to admit that seeing as how I’ve only got 37 wins so far this year. I do like your Cleveland pick. Go Browns.

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    New Orleans

    Those are my only variations on your picks this week. I think you’ll be fine.

    And let’s not forget, amidst all this wonderful Red Sox hoopla (YAY!!!) that our New England Patriots are going to win their 19th consecutive game this Sunday. T’will be a good sports weekend, indeed.

    (And fortunately, the Sox won’t have to go out west again. Damn 2AM finishes are tough these days, from one who is getting old.)

  3. suzie says:


    this is the year!! i knew it!

  4. peat says:

    I believe some sort of wager is in order.

  5. Solonor says:

    What? On the football picks? ;p

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