Geeks around the world are wearing black today

One of the bloggers that I wanted to meet some day has unexpectedly died. Sarcasmo (aka, Star Foster) passed away yesterday from a pulmonary embolism. While we never chatted much beyond an e-mailed “Merry Christmas”, she was a major source of geeky links and fun, and it always tickled me when I beat her to something cool and she wound up linking to me instead of the other way around.

The best tribute I can give is to list some the stuff I stole from Sarcasmo. Enjoy it, because she put a bit of her soul into finding these things each week and making us laugh. I’m gonna feel lost come Friday Follies time.

Goodbye, Star. We’ll miss you.

God, I love YouTube, part 7642
Misspelled Movie Titles
Your MySpace page has 43,287 friends…all in peril.
Khaaaaaan! I need a diaper change!
Tom Baker says
Spaceship Radio

And here: 100 Things About Sarcasmo

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  1. shelley says:

    What a sweet tribute.

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