Genesis of The Doctor

The fourth basic character remains always something of a mystery, and is seen rather through the eyes of the other three…

Dr. Who: A frail old man lost in space and time. They give him this name because they don’t know who he is. He seems not to remember where he has come from; he is suspicious and capable of sudden malignance; he seems to have some undefined enemy; he is searching for something as well as fleeing from something. He has a “machine” which enables them to travel together through time, through space, and through matter.

Background Notes for ‘Dr. Who’

The BBC has put together a new collection in their archive site: The Genesis of Doctor Who

This is a fascinating series of documents and pictures going all the way back to the original study the BBC commissioned to investigate whether they should try and create a show in the “science fiction” genre.

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  1. bran says:

    they had to investigate it, huh? that sounds so very British. 🙂

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