Go Marlins!

I never rooted for either of my “home” teams down here. The Devil Rays are way too awful with a way-too-awful stadium. And the Marlins pissed me off by selling the team after the ’97 World Series win. In fact, most people around here are Braves fans. (Actually, most people around here are football fans, if anything. I can’t stand the Braves. They’re the Yankees of the South.) So, I didn’t pay much attention to the Marlins this year until they made the playoffs. What I saw was an awesome, energetic team with great speed, defense and pitching. If they hadn’t been trying to mess up Armageddon, I would have been pulling for them all the way. As of now, they’re the last best hope to put down the Evil Empire.

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4 Responses to Go Marlins!

  1. Linkmeister says:

    “Let’s Go Fish! Let’s Go Fish!”

    I actually have nothing against the Yankees’ players; it’s Steinbrenner I despise. The SOB even gets government help for his damn shipyard and spends my tax dollars to buy pennants. (Ok, I’m working off memory here; I think I recall a mild fuss being made about subsidies going to American shipbuilding companies. It’s a good rumor, anyway). 😉

  2. Scott says:

    Go Yankees.

    Hey, I live next to Stadium Ave. in the Bronx! [flail] Different stadium, same Bronx, though!


  3. Tracy says:

    I was hoping Roni’s Cubbies would do it. And then I prayed Sorrento’s Sox would do it. And now I have to root for my own home team to do it. KILL THE FUCKING WANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want them all dead.

  4. MJ says:

    As far as I am concerned, baseball is over. I can’t stand either team. Blech. But I’ll watch anyway 😉

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