Google Ads for Charity

So, they’re not exactly the quickest way to raise funds. However, when every penny helps, even the little bit that a click on one of the ads earns is significant. I’ve only had them up since last night, and just between my own clicking and whoever else has taken the time to open and close a web page they’ve already made a little bit of money! (Google policy does not allow you to encourage people to click the ads, and clicking your own ads is forbidden.)

If news reports are accurate (and I hope they’re not), entire islands off the coast of Aceh may have been completely wiped out, killing nearly 400,000 people.

So, every time you visit this site, I beg you to click on an ad. I don’t put up a Paypal button here. I’ve never had ads on the site for my own benefit. And I almost never ask you to do anything beyond laughing and pointing at the monkeys in the cage (that would be us). The least you could do is spend 5 seconds being annoyed by some dumb advertisement.

If you have your own site, consider doing the same thing. At the same time, shoot off an e-mail to Google to ask them to have these funds automatically sent to the Red Cross. Scott Hanselman’s idea is a good one, but it takes numbers.

If you want to copy my e-mail, please feel free.

Subject: AdSense donations for disaster relief

Please, consider the idea going around the blogosphere of creating a pool of AdSense revenue that can be donated to tsunami disaster relief. I know that you don’t pay out to individuals until the earnings reach a certain level. However, if 100,000 blogs earned a mere 75-cents each from click-thrus and that were pooled together, that’s $75,000 for disaster relief!!

On the humanitarian side, this would be an awesome gesture from one of the internet’s premiere companies. Looking at it more cynically, this should be the Google publicity department’s dream.

Thank you.

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7 Responses to Google Ads for Charity

  1. kat says:

    I sent it off. Good idea.

  2. brndln says:

    (Solly, i’m all for clicking the ads, but do they have to be about felt bibles and xtian ministries, things like that?)

  3. Sherri says:

    Me, too. I added a line, saying “For this cause, I would be willing to join AdSense.” because I’ve avoided ads (except what comes along with using Blogger) always.

    Yer a guy, Solly, a real mensch. And Happy New Year to you!

    P.S. I was on CoH last night and saw your email. CHeck your shcedule and we will make a “kick down crime” date :>

  4. Karan says:

    I did it too. I like this telling people what to do with money.

  5. Mad Kane says:

    Just checked in to wish you a happy new year. And to tell you your blogroll seems to have disappeared. At least I can’t see it, using Explorer.

    Take care and my best to you and yours!

  6. Nice idea- and yes, ‘menschy’ (is that a word?)

    I have to say, I was looking around your site the last coupe of days- it really defies easy description (a good thing).

    Maybe a review is in order. Hmmm

    Happy New Year to you and yours. May this upcoming year be blessed with good health, prosperity and those best of those dreams you wish for yourself.

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