Graduation Day!

It’s amazing how quickly she’s gone from this:

Me learn reed gud.

to this:

Dude. I’m a-gradumitatin’. Hells yeah.

How the hell we got two super smart kids, I’ll never know. I think someone someplace else got shorted one. Sorry about that. Hopefully, we’ll have pictures from tonight’s festivities up tomorrow. And next week we’re off to FSU for orientation!

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4 Responses to Graduation Day!

  1. Busy Mom says:


  2. snowgirl says:

    OMG – I feel soooo old. PKat – We are so proud of you! Snowgirl and family.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Bestest Congratulations, P-Kat!

    I’m feeling really old now, too.

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