Great Britons

OK, here’s my last rant, then it’s off to nice happy posts.

While I think it’s just fine that they picked Winston Churchill as the Greatest Briton, I am left just a wee bit aghast at the other choices.

Let’s just start off with Number Three. Yep. You guessed it: Princess Diana.

I am not trying to make any judgment as to how sweet and compassionate she was or how much money she raised for charity or any of that rot. I’m just saying: Are you out of your freaking minds?

Princess Diana above Darwin, Shakespeare, Newton, Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Victoria, Hawking, Henry VIII, Dickens, Maxwell and Tolkein??? What kind of mad group of islands did we spring from over there?

It gets worse.

Boy George is on the list.
Boy George is ranked higher than Florence Nightingale.
King I-Didn’t-Even-Exist-You-Numbskulls Arthur is on the list.
King Arthur beat 49 real people.
John is in the top ten (8th). Paul is 19th. George is 62nd. But NO RINGO!

I supposed I shouldn’t be too hard on the British people, however. At least their government doesn’t have to spend money convincing morons that we really did go to the moon!

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  1. bobbi k says:

    Ha Ha! I love British humor…oh, the list is real.

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