Her (watching me do dishes this morning): I’m sorry. I should have done those dishes yesterday.
Me: Bah! I should have done them two days ago. I see your guilt and raise you!
Her (grinning and walking off): O.K. You win.

So much for my poker skills…

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4 Responses to Guilt

  1. D says:

    If that *ever* works for me I will buy you a car.

    However, on the flipside, every time she hits me for trying that trick I shall send you poo in the mail.

  2. dragonleg says:

    Now, EXCUSE ME, but why the big rush to wash dishes when you’re just gonna have to wash them in another couple of weeks anyway?

  3. Brian Peace says:

    Never engage in a battle of guilt with a woman. That is the very definition of the fruitless endeavor. They always play to lose since losing is winning.

    How Zen was that statement? Wow.

  4. Pepperkat says:

    My sentiments exactly Dragonleg.

    And Brian Peace, as Little Robbie would say:
    “After Zen, come kickass” I don’t really get it without thinking but your comment reminded me of it…

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