Happy Halloweenie–Broken Foot And All…

We wish you a Happy Halloween!

We wish you a Happy Halloween!

We wish you a Happy Halloween!

And don’t break your foot!

Yes, she of “the Girl Scouts went to Williamsburg and all I got was this lousy cast” fame has done it again. Pepperkat’s broken her foot (her fourth metatarsal, actually). Skateboarding. Right before trick-or-treating.

The worst part is listening to the pitiful whine. See, we just had this big “discussion” about her being too old to go begging for candy door-to-door without being part of a religious cult. We told her, “This is your last year. Then, it’s debauchery-filled Halloween parties like the rest of your teenage hoodlum friends.” (Of course, just as I wrote that, a couple of 15-year-olds knocked on the door…sigh…) So, naturally, we get to hear about how horrible it is that she missed out on her last real Halloween.

I really don’t understand why she feels the need to go out anyway. I mean, it’s not like we didn’t have a perfectly fun-filled night of Halloweenie goodness planned….stuffing ourselves with pizza and popcorn while watching Theatre of Blood, complete with our own MST3K commentary… Come on! Where’s her head at? Poor baby. 🙁

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6 Responses to Happy Halloweenie–Broken Foot And All…

  1. kat says:

    her head is filled with visons of m&m’s and dots and whoppers and peanut butter cups and so much sugar she wont be able to sleep. its a night to be out and being scared and just having fun. i like your plans though. next year, i’m coming over for pizza and blood movies ok? =) happy halloween!

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Well, since it’s the season….
    Speak, Spirit, before I kick you in the buns!

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Skateboarding…..? My guess is that it isn’t a hereditary recreation.

  4. Kim says:

    Hmmm. Sounds like Pepperkat is growing up to be just like me. Both bones in my right arm broken while roller skating, broken foot falling down stairs, a cornucopia of bruises from frequently falling up stairs. Make sure she finds a man who finds klutziness to be quirky and charming. That’s what I did.

  5. kd says:

    *tsk* these kids today, eh? well, you can tell her my daughter-person trick-or-treated till she was, i think, 18 or so? no, no one likes the big kids, but if they’re nice and act cute? it can go on way past the respectable age.

    plus those big kids can carry more and move faster. LARGE pillowcases of goodies. i’m just sayin’

  6. Pepperkat says:

    you know dots are really really really gross!

    oh well…I got a bright orange cast heh heh heh…

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