He will return . . .

Sally here. Please don’t all come running to me saying you miss Solonor. I miss Solonor.

Solonor is sustaining, reliable and No. 1 on everyone’s blogging list, even mine which is barely a week old.

Think of it this way: even half-elves have to have holidays and meet their folk elves.

And he will return.

I know, not soon enough . . ..

But I and the other Ink Well associates will be with you in every respect – throughout.

I will be blogging in London time – which means I will shortly be asleep just as soon as I’ve made myself a cup of tea.

Have a wonderful trip dear Solonor.

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One Response to He will return . . .

  1. xade says:

    ::run run run::

    I miss Solonor.

    ::Run Run Run::

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