I’ve tried very hard to keep out of the blame game while people are in such need of help. I don’t think it’s useful to be throwing rocks at those who are supposed to be in charge of rescuing a devastated people. So, for a week, I’ve let my feelings fester about how horribly unprepared the government seems to have been for this crisis.

Then I saw this. Watch that, and then sit and try to listen to Brown and Chertoff tell you what a great job they did without punching the TV. I dare you.

I have no words for the sadness and rage.

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3 Responses to Heartbreaking

  1. mac says:

    That makes three politicians I’ve seen break down on national television now, all crying and being pissed off because the people who elected them are dying because of federal incompetence. And what makes it even worse [at least from my perspective] is that the President is deflecting the blame for the slow response back to them. As if three governors and countless mayors got together secretly and decided to do nothing in the way of a response to help themselves, to just let the people in their states die. Grrr.

  2. Don says:

    What you ask cannot be done, Solonor.

    It cannot be done.

  3. Chari says:

    I cry every damn time I see this or read the transcript. No one should have to sacrifice a family member like that. No one.

    These idiots in high places running things have no business being there. FEMA needs to be run by someone with a clue, let alone experience. Same for DHS. I get so pissed, I scream at the TV.

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