Hello from up heah!

Well, even though we ain’t seen no elephants on this safari, it’s been cold enough to freeze yer toes off! It’s summah in Maine….cold, steady drizzle followed by prolonged periods of damp, cold drizzle. It’s enough ta curl ya toes (unless you’re an elephant).

Speaking of elephants (and their toes), the recent introduction of herds of elephants to the northern Maine woods has not been the smashing success that Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Earl J. Ketchbottom hoped it would be. Black flies–the state bird of Maine–apparently love elephant (especially the spot between their toes). Thousands of elephants have been found walking around on tender toes up and down the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers, victims of those nasty little bugs. The herd is not expected to last through the summer–much less have a snowball’s chance in Orlando of making it through the winter. When reached for comment, Mr. Ketchbottom was found packing his trunk….

Ok…I think that’s enough…sheesh!

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