Hey! Break’s over, buddy…

Well, as overly dramatic as it was, the kinda-sorta PC break was the jump start I needed. I have one song in the final mixing stages and at least 7 in various states of disarray. (Still looking for a good lyricist, though. As Whiny put it, “Words suck.”) Plus, I feel a little more confident that I can sit down at the computer, check e-mail, skim a few blogs and write a quick entry without getting stuck in the chair for hours and hours. The lure of the geetar is once again more powerful than the urge to work on my monitor-induced facial tan.

Unfortunately, I may be forced to take a break from both the PC and the microphone this weekend (not to mention hot showers and a/c), as stupid Frances keeps rolling our way. A lot of the repairs to power lines that were done after Charley are temporary, just waiting to be blown down again. What’s worse is that they haven’t picked up all the debris from last time. So, for example, I’ve got my neighbor’s downed trees all neatly cut up into easily-hurled chunks sitting across the street poised to come flying at my house like a salvo of wooden cannonballs.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen several fairly reliable, non-governmental sources predict that the storm will hit around Palm Beach, then skirt up the coast to South Carolina, rather than heading inland here. We’ll see. The last “official” forecast should even have my friends in Atlanta worried.

On the bright side, we have plenty of water and canned food, lots of propane for the grill, candles and flashlights ready. The cars are fueled up, and we have plenty of stuff to read. As long as we only have the power knocked out and not something more disastrous occur, we should be fine.

Quoth the Mrs: “It only took two snowstorms for us to leave Maine. How many of these will it take for us to leave Florida?”

How’s the weather in Oregon these days?

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13 Responses to Hey! Break’s over, buddy…

  1. babs says:

    Blizzards be dammned but I’ll take a could of those over a hurricane anyday!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hehe – funny you should ask about our weather. It’s been a bit rainy since the heat wave passed, but we don’t have any sort of extreme weather. And the musical climate up this way’s not bad either. If you like thunderstorms in the spring and fall, heat in the summer and snow in the winter, check out Bend. 🙂 http://www.ci.bend.or.us/

  3. kat says:

    If you don’t post again, expect another call. Of course, I could be without power and not posting myself.

  4. domino says:

    Why the weather is fine, thank you for asking. No humidity in the summer and it very rarely snows in the winter (Portland area). A bit of rain…but no downpours. Oh, and we have beaches, mountians, deserts, rain forests, and rivers and lakes to play in.

    Overall, it’s pretty much paradise here.

    Oh, and I got to see PRINCE in concert last night.




  5. Hi, Solonor,

    ‘. . . As long as we only have the power knocked out’ — you can cope with that?

    I can’t envisage life without the power to drive my computer (make that life support system), my music-playing/recording gear, etc. Then there’s my microwave . . . etc., etc.).

    That’s what we need the planet’s remaining stocks of oil for – to generate that magic power substance not even Einstein felt able to describe: electricity.*

    How many cars was that you said your household had fuelled up?

    NB: of course it’s not cars per se, it’s the infernal combustion engine conversion ratio (if that’s the term). 100% fuel in = c. 20% power out + c. 80% out again, in a devastatingly altered form, as exhaust.

    Power stations, etc. are much more efficient at getting power out – and if you can capture the waste heat you’ve got an immensely efficient system.

    Sorry for the lecture . . . and I don’t recommend asking the average scientist about this, all you’ll get is a shifty look.

    PS: having said all the above, if you like the idea of my coming over to mind the Ink Well for a bit while you do your music thing, just say (terms: so long as I can have 72 dpi pics).

    * and oil is also useful for plastics, printing inks, paints, etc. – there’s an awful lot that’s oil based.

  6. Karan says:

    Move now.

    Oregon is quite nice but it is alternately wet and flammable. Same with Washington. Oh, there’s also an occasional earthquake…but no tornadoes, no hurricanes.

    Maybe you can offer to move the neighbor’s wood into his living room.

    Move now.

    I’ll help with the Inkwell this time too

  7. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Some of us were watching out for Solly and the Inkwell last time around…. harumph! Hee hee…

    Now let’s don’t get too rash about this Oregon thing. It’s bad enough Domino is way the hell out there, don’t you go getting further away from home, dammit!

    Do take care during the storm, old chum.

  8. Lisa says:

    Oregon is wunderbar! LOL I moved back here after having been stuck living in Oklahoma for a decade. I’m glad to be back, and Solly’s welcome here anytime.

    Feeling fought over yet? 😉

  9. Sunidesus says:

    So which game will the Solly family be playing during this hurricane?

  10. OK, Ric, Karan, et al. I’m not being greedy here – you can all help while Solonor has himself occupied with manning the lifeboats.

    Addendum to yesterday’s comment: also, has anyone thought of this – when you buy your litre of gas at the pump you get to pay 100% – but you get to use 20% of the stuff (average urban conditions) while you chuck away that 80% that you’ve paid for. (Not to mention that you pay for that 80% twice in terms of a really, really aberrant and greatly displeased climate.) PS: again, don’t bother asking a scientist about all this – all you will get is a shifty look as he/she drives off into the last sunset.

  11. Busy Mom says:

    Weahter’s dandy in Tennessee, save the occasional tornado.

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