Hola, Ernesto. Como esta, butthead?

Thar’s a tropical storm a-comin’! Git outta the way!


I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m tired of Florida summers.

When am I going to be rich enough to live in Maine from Memorial Day to New Year’s? Huh? When?

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9 Responses to Hola, Ernesto. Como esta, butthead?

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    And New Years to spring training ain’t that long, either….

    Stay safe, you.

  2. GeekMan says:

    Forget Maine, it’s a pit! Come to NY where it’s always beautiful outside, people are always polite and courteous and the streets are paved with actual gold! Everything’s better in NYC, everyone says so!

    Everyone who drinks the Dream-Juice, at least…

  3. cassie-b says:

    That move would be nice – but I’d get out of Maine before New Year’s. Or be sure to buy in lots of groceries.

  4. Karan says:

    Washington is nice. We only have earthquakes, volcanos, fires and the occassional tsunami.

  5. Karan says:

    Washington is nice. We only have earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and the occasional tsunami.

  6. Sassy says:

    Come visit DC!!! No hurricanes here… at least not very often, and only the odd downed tree.

    Be safe and well!

  7. Cableman says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to eye New Mexico myself, no hurricanes, no blizzards, no forest fires (no trees), no volcanos, no earthquakes, no floods…

  8. domino says:

    The great pacific northwest. Gorgeous summers and clean air.

    Sure in winter we have a few grey skies and some rain.

    And in the fall.

    Oh and in spring too.

    Hey, August is killer.

  9. Ric The Schumck says:

    Just suck it up and come home, where you belong.

    We could play rock and roll again, ya know….

    heh heh heh

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