Hot fun in the summertime

Ever since I got back from my 2 weeks in Boston and Nashville, it’s been non-stop un-blogging. I’d like to say that I’ve been busy with my new record deal or on world tour, but actually it’s just summertime.

Last week, I spent most of the time playing around with the new version of our baseball sim, and the weekend was centered around goofing off and Venita’s birthday.

This week, I am putting on a skipper’s hat and teaching vacation bible school in the morning (Peperkat is my Gilligan), and goofing off in the afternoon. Pictures of one or more of these activities may follow.

Life’s rough.

So, anyway, all you get for content is a bunch of links I ganked from other people. Most were passed to me by Sgt. Grump. The rest are from various unsuspecting bloggers. Enjoy!!

Don’t Try This At Home – No more kids chemistry sets and no more chemistry experiments in school. How sad.

Philosopher, Scientist, Farmer Crack Chicken-Egg Question

Websites as graphs (not sure what it means, but it’s purty)

The Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas recreated with Diet Coke and Mentos

The Mentos experiment on a human (via Cablman)

Misspelled Movie Titles (via Sarcasmo) – My favorites are “Dismember the Titans” and “The 40-Year Old Virgil”.

Oh, and Happy “Number of the Beast” Day!!

What? What do you mean it was 5 days ago? (or 5 months ago, if you’re from Europe)??? Doh!!

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