I Am the Walrus

I deserve this for digging up old bones. Thanks, again, Domino…I think…

Revolver Fan Club – NEWS

BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 16, 2002 (AP) – The infamous “Walter is dead” picture has resurfaced, bringing a resurgence in rumors surrounding the band. The picture, which can be seen on the band’s website, shows Revolver on a typical Maine fishermen’s dock. Jamie, wearing dark mourning glasses, has grave digger gloves on. Walter, who is backward, is dressed in black and is barefoot (this is out of frame). Bruce, also wearing dark glasses, is dressed as a pallbearer. Lester is dressed as a preacher* and is overseeing the “funeral” scene. Just out of frame is a Volkswagen with a license plate that has the numbers “22” in it, which is how old Walter would be if he were alive when the picture was taken.

How It All Started
It is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the ‘Walter Is Dead’ hoax. Some believe Revolver and their record label started the rumor as a marketing ploy to sell albums and get more teddy bear picnic gigs. We may never know the true origin of the hoax. However, we do know how it was brought into public knowledge.

In 1984 Brian Matthews, a radio Disc Jockey in Bangor, announced that Walter was dead. His proof: evidence strewn throughout Revolvers’ songs, movies, and album artwork. Newspaper and television reporters picked up the story and the news quickly spread across the greater Lee-vant area.

Was it a practical joke, a cruel hoax, or simply all coincidence? Most of the clues are very ambiguous. They certainly do not offer concrete evidence as to whether or not they were planted or simply coincidental. Who was behind the whole thing? Nobody knows for sure.

“I am also certain that Walter is NOT dead”, said Worldwide Association of Revolver Fans

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3 Responses to I Am the Walrus

  1. Ric the Schmuck says:

    Yes, the garage has been converted into someone else’s garage, but now the trailer is gone! Replaced by a ranch, about twice the size of the trailer, but the garage still stands, as it was, defiantly!

  2. Solonor says:

    So, when are we gonna get it declared a historic landmark, eh?

  3. Ric the Schmuck says:

    After going out that way a few weeks ago (on our way out to Treworgy’s orchard, fall tradition) and discovering that change, among others (you can actually see Marie’s house again… they chopped down all those trees on either side of the driveway)I have started trying to keep my digital camera in the truck. Then, THEN, I could have showed ya… silly frickin’ me… all these cool toys, and I never uses’em… I’ll go out that way again, hopefully with the camera! (and hopefully before next apple pickin’ season)

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