I get mixed up between Dan Tanna and Spenser for Hire

Either way, I don’t think I’ll be seeing Robert Urich (unless it’s from beyond the grave). But I will be going to Vega$$ …baby.

I have to catch a flight at 7am tomorrow, meaning that I have to leave the house at around 4… 4:30, if I want to cut it close. Ugh.

I have to work the whole week. It’s a trade show, and I doubt I’ll get much chance to run around and waste money in slot machines. And there will be no time for shows featuring Wayne Newton and/or scantilly clad dancing girls. But at least there won’t be any hurricanes!

Expect the updates here to be few and far between.

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5 Responses to I get mixed up between Dan Tanna and Spenser for Hire

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Now, now, there’s plenty of time. Vegas never closes, bay-beeeeee.

    What, sleep? You say you need sleep? Oh yeah, that.

    Have fun. Seriously, squeeze a few minutes in to have fun.

    BTW, I have a real, live casino a block away from my house now. Actually they call it a Racino, as it is tied to the harness track (somehow). 450 slot machines in the temporary location (the old Millers Resturaunt on Main Street) and 1200-1400 when they open the new building in 2007. (The Holiday Inn and Main Street Inns on Main Street are both going buh-bye to make room.)

    Big doings here in River City.

  2. Busy Mom says:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  3. *** Dave says:

    Spenser was much, much cooler than Dan Tanna. Had a better supporting cast, too. I mean — Hawk? Way too cool.

    Of course, I’m a fan of the books, too, so I may be prejudiced.

  4. Linkmeister says:

    Try to get outside for a minute or two and just admire the mountains. I dearly love those Nevada and Arizona mountains. They’re beautiful.

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