I love it when a plan…aw, you know…

My beloved spouse turns on the TV each morning to keep her company while she rides her exercise bike (like my snoring isn’t good enough). Unfortunately, the choices at that time are limited to news, infomercials, and shows like The A-Team.

The choice is obvious.

It’s one thing to be awakened by the soft, dulcet tones of Mr. T (“I ain’t flyin’, fool!”). It’s quite another to start dreaming fully-developed A-Team plots…which is what I did in my mostly asleep state this morning.

It kept weaving in and out of the sound that I thought I was hearing on television. So, I don’t know how much of it was “real” and how much was a dream. But it was a really good episode with Murdock driving a train and then flying a plane down a San Francisco street, while the team tried to simultaneously rescue a kidnapped Chinese diplomat’s daughter and escape the clutches of Colonel Lynch, who caught Hannibal and Face (for some reason Hannibal was talking like B.A. whenever he was interrogated). I think it was the best A-Team episode. Ever.

And now, one of my favorite bits of dialogue. Ever.

B.A. Baracus: Gimme a cup of coffee!
Diner Clerk: How do you want it?
B.A. Baracus: In a cup, fool!

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One Response to I love it when a plan…aw, you know…

  1. cassie-b says:

    Love it! Are you a hero now?
    And I like my coffee in a cup too.

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