I Love You. Seriously.

This bloggin’ love fest entry is dedicated to Bran. I keep telling her we were separated at birth, yet, this is just my vain attempt to hitch my wagon to her star. Unfortunately, since she just finished a frickin’ novel, I must hate her. Thus, she cannot be to whom I write the ‘I love you’. Sorry about that wSpaceBran. Stop being so damned talented.

Robyn, I swore I was going to do this per the original order. I couldn’t do it. It’s like trying to pick which kid you love best. I kept thinking of all the new people that I just started knowing, like -e- and Dania and kd and GeekGrrl and Brian and Maria.

I thought about my West Coast buds, like Hoopty and Cheyenne and Gretchen and Yvonne.

And my East Coast ones, like Todd, Statia, Ruthie, Annessa and Christine.

I thought about the people that left comments here back when it was a muddy glop of goo on Blogger, like Lisa and Theresa and Jason (back when he was ‘thor’) and Kim and Mordant.

And those that knew me when all I did was hang around Leoville, like Becky and Jazy and Kamel and Zmama (I miss her).

Those who make me laugh every damn day, like Dragonleg, Peat and The Mighty Geek.

The smart ones that actually take me semi-seriously, like Jack and wKen and Bigwig and Miguel and Brian and Andrea and Mark.

And the ones that just don’t fit into any of my neat boxes, like Les and Joanie and Tim and Christine and Christine.

But back in November, I had a little incident that scarred my fragile psyche. It wasn’t a big thing, and I just wanted to have a joke with it. I had an interview with the Orlando Sentinel for a feature they were going to do about area bloggers, but the writer left me off the list. Like I said, not really a big thing, but at the same time, I was feeling kinda rejected. So, I made this post as a silly way to make myself laugh. I expected my meatspace friends (who really know how much I love them), like Ric the Schmuck, Cableman, JustAGirl and Not-So-Red-Menace, and my brother-in-law, Ejen, to respond and tell me to get a life. Instead, I got to have a pity party with the greatest gang of whiners in the biz.

Lee took the time to e-mail me and tell me about the “injustice” and offered to bake cookies for the pout fest.

Lee, I love you.

I was able to “summon” Bill, a person who always makes me smile. Always.

Bill, I love you.

Michele popped in and refused to kill me, even though I called her a demon wench. She is one of those smart people that takes me semi-seriously. If our families ever get together, it will be dangerous.

Michele, I love you.

Scott stopped by to tell me how old he is and to impress me with his novel writing ability. I hate him for that. However, he more than makes up for it in a thousand other ways.

Scott, I love you.

Kat came on to defend me to the death (and to make sure the other Kat knew she was around). She is vicious and tenacious and sooo precious.

Kat, I love you.

There was mention of the power of She Who Must Not Be Named. She never showed up, but that’s probably because she was busy running around the Internet saving everyone’s blog or fixing Blogcritics or whatever else she’s prone to do.

Stacy, I love you.

Well, I hope I lived up to Zuly’s appendix to Robyn’s order, if nothing else…

Oh, yeah, and Robyn, I love you, too.

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40 Responses to I Love You. Seriously.

  1. Bill says:

    Awww….. *punches Solonor in the arm*

  2. Shiny, happy people holding hands

    Ok, I’m going to make a list of everyone that’s told me they are particpating in the Bloggin’ Lovefest, and put it right here on the main page for easy access. Since the other entry already has so many comments/pings about the concept itself — this i…

  3. Bill says:

    *punches harder, spilling her beer all over Solonor’s lap*

  4. Solonor says:

    I still have about 30 minutes to change my post…

  5. Bill says:


  6. Hey Lisa says:

    OK, so I’m new. Maybe next year. 😉

  7. Solonor says:

    See? I knew I was going to forget people. I’m going to the back of the cave now…

  8. Hey Lisa says:

    Hey! You didn’t forget me, you big silly, I was just teasin’ ya. I saw your agony over who to pick and couldn’t resist punchin’ ya in the arm. Unfortunately, Bill got there before me so I had to think of something else to do. 😉 I’ll be back.

  9. Bill says:

    You can punch the other arm, I’m perfectly happy with just the one.

  10. Hey Lisa says:

    Ya hear that Solonor? Turn around. 😉 Thanks Bill!

  11. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I feel a sudden urge to quote the great philosopher, Charles Brown:
    “I never know what’s going on…”

    but I’m glad y’all are having fun! 🙂
    meatspace? ? ?

  12. Zuly says:

    Well done, Solonor, well done.

  13. Brian Peace says:

    Hey, does this mean that I get to be one of the cool kids now?

  14. Brian Peace says:


  15. Solonor says:

    Aw, come on back ya goofball… geez, if yer gonna be a baby about it… 😉

  16. Brian Peace says:

    All right, I guess I’ll be one of the geeky cool kids.

  17. robyn says:

    Where’s a big ol’ can of Silly String when you need it?

  18. Where’s Da Love?

    Robyn over at Ain’t too proud to blog has declared January 14th to be the Bloggin’ Lovefest. Granted, I am

  19. dragonleg says:

    Stop that cussin’, boy. This here’s the Internet!

  20. miguel says:

    Hi, I’m looking for Elijah Wood’s email address. I know he’s busy but if he has time could you send me his address if you know it or where I can find it? Thanks in advance.

  21. Scott says:

    I came here just now looking for naked pictures of Kelly Clarkson! You cheated me! How can you be such an @$$hole and do that!

    [grin] I still can’t believe that person wrote that on my blog the other day, after I stole borrowed the idea from you.

    You’re one of my must-reads. How can you not be? 🙂

  22. Sekimori says:

    Sorry, sorry, sorry! I promise to become a better reader now that I’ve quit blogging. Sorry!

  23. Solonor says:

    Crap. If you become a better reader, you’ll realize what a sham this place is.

  24. Solonor says:

    Scott, keep the naked Kelly Clarkson pictures in the back. Gimme a sec and I’ll send you some, along with MAKE HER BEG FOR MORE! VIAGRA ONLINE.

    Sorry, it’s that damn spamatism acting up again. 2000 Year old bread recipe actually helps you lose weight! Save up to 27% on Gas!! NOW!!

    Run, you fools.

  25. kat says:

    i love you too!!! *smooch*

  26. A day late and a dollar short

    I didn’t get around to doing the Bloggin’ Lovefest yesterday for a number of reasons, not the least of which

  27. feelin the loooove

    hey. 🙂 i got some looove yesterday, but…i wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t dish any out myself. so i’m

  28. Brian says:

    Two plugs in one week? I’m honored.

    (But don’t expect another $20, okay Mr. Hamilton?)

  29. Solonor says:

    Hey! I looked it up on the Internet, so I know it’s right. A sawbuck is a ten. But I’ll change my name to Andrew Jackson, if you want!

  30. Maria says:

    Wow!! You are too good! That’s one heck of a list!! Love you too dude!! **smooch**

  31. michele says:

    I love you, you big dork.

    Now, BITE ME!

  32. theresa says:

    I’m old school… sweet 🙂

  33. GeekGrrl says:

    Aww man, I love you. (And no, you’re not gettin’ my Bud.)


    (Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers that commercial… 😉 )

  34. natasha says:

    seems fun man! ur lot is mad.. nice to see ppl like me once in a while!

  35. natasha says:

    so, ‘ne of u guys know his add??

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