I Spy

I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna sit here and spew a ton of geek-boy crap over the fact that this movie has only three things in common with the original TV series that bears its name (that’s one!). This is a surprisingly funny movie in which a white spy (there’s spying…that’s two!) gets paired with a black boxer (one’s white, the other’s black…that’s three!) in order to get into the compound of an evil baddie (Malcolm McDowell–who else?) who has stolen a top secret, invisible plane that doesn’t belong to Wonder Woman.

As usual, Eddie Murphy brings his wise-ass commentary to the proceedings–though it takes them a while to get his character, Kelly Robinson (which was the white guy in the show, by the way… dang! sorry…), to the point where he’s likeable. And Owen Wilson is his usual “hey, we just have this like whole movie thing going here, dude” self as the bumbling spy, Alexander Scott (who was the bla… never mind). If you don’t go in expecting “I Spy,” you’ll be all set. It’s a fairly funny buddy movie, in the tradition of Wilson and Jackie Chan in their Shanghai series.

And, yes, bran, Owen Wilson is cute as ever.

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2 Responses to I Spy

  1. Scott says:

    No desire, boyo. I’ll wait for the DVD to rent.

    Did you hear Wilson is teaming up with Ben Stiller for a movie of Starsky and Hutch?

    Do we really need that one? I liked the Red Tomato with the White Stripe as much as anyone in that era, but it’s best left in that era . . .

  2. michele says:

    Ick. Owen Wilson. Ick. Ick Ick.

    I am SO going to boycott that Starsky and Hutch movie. How dare they ruin another fond childhood memory for me?

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