I Think We’ll Dine Out From Now On

As I have pointed out, Mrs. R works at Barnes and Noble. This offers us the opportunity to get a good crack at the books in the $1 bin. So, when she picked up the Fannie Farmer Original 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book, I thought nothing of it. But when I started hearing the wife and kids giggling hysterically over a cook book…I began to get nervous.

If you want to know what gastronomic delights they are looking at, check out Pepperkat’s Playground: Chicken Jelly.

Did I mention I have very strange children?

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3 Responses to I Think We’ll Dine Out From Now On

  1. Whiny the Elder says:

    Chicken Jelly isn’t one of the recipes. We came up with it while reading one for jellied chicken which is completely different.

    The best one in there was Lobster Cutlets!

  2. Solonor says:

    So, because you invented it, that makes you less strange?? I think not!

  3. Just-A-Girl says:

    If you’re hankering for some beef instead of our fine feathered friends, my copy of the “Joy of Cooking” has a lovely recipe for head cheese. And don’t worry about lactose intolerance..It’s not really cheese, you know. (Ick-I just grossed myself out!!)

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