I totally love Thursdays now!

Not only have they finally made a reality show for me, but right after that is Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace: perhaps the most hilarious show evar!!!

Official Garth Marenghi Website

Here’s an example of the awesomeness (it’s a bad 80’s TV horror spoof, set in a hospital that has had a demonic portal opened in its cafeteria):

(Dagless walks into Renwick’s room, and as soon as he opens the door fully Renwick starts shaking and shouting like he did when he first went insane. He explodes (from 5 different angles), and bits of body go flying everywhere to a symphony of splats. His head, which is obviously a dummy’s, hits the ground after a few seconds)

Dagless: You alright?

Renwick’s head: I think I’m gonna die.

Dagless: No you’re not! You’re gonna make it, I’ll get help. NURSE! First thing’s first, I’ve gotta stop you bleeding.

Renwick’s head: (Coughs) Rick! I beg ya! Kill me!

Dagless: Oh Jesus Larry don’t do this to me.

Renwick’s head: I beg ya! It really hurts. I beg ya. (They both nod in agreement)

(Dagless picks up a shovel that just happens to be there, and raises it)

Dagless: Forgive me

Renwick’s head: (He looks up, and realises what’s going to happen) Aww, no!

(Soft piano music plays in the background, as both Renwick and Dag scream progressively louder. Eventually Dag swings and hits the head, which again is obviously a dummy head. The head goes flying, bounces off of a wall and lands at Dag’s feet, complete with close-ups on Dag’s pained face)

Dagless: Bye-bye buddy.

(Sanchez walks back in, looks around the room and shakes his head)

Sanchez: I’ll get a mop.

After that, there is an interview where Marenghi (Dagless) says with a straight face, “I have never exploded, but I know what it must be like. Don’t ask how. I just know.”

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  1. Jules says:

    We watched the Superhero show, but missed Marenghi. So sad. Still, I was delighted with the sheer silliness of the superheroes, in particular the moment when the man in red held hid arms wide and said “Jump into my arms!” I think every lost little girl in the world fell madly in love at that moment.

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